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Our retreat has helped over 200 clients get their book done in one weekend and become published authors using the proven Ultimate 48 Hour Author System. 
Succeed Monumentally With Our Pioneering Done-For-You-System
Experience The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat, Dubai
Be An Author. Become An Authority. Spread Your Message- Globally. 
Dubai, UAE.
Thursday, 11th October 2018
You Owe It To The Universe. 
You Owe It To Yourself 
To Share Your Special Story Only You Hold. 
You Owe It To Yourself To Share Your Special Story Only You Hold. 
BOOKS Get YOU Attention. ATTENTION Gets YOU Money.
BOOKS Get YOU Attention.
Our Clients Have Had A 100% Success Rate With Getting Their Books Finished, Published and Marketed By Attending The Retreat- The Highest Success Rate in the Industry
Holy Cow
By Gregie Dennis
Jumpstart to CRM Success
By Gill Walker
Juggling Health and Wealth
By Kitty Cheng
The Broken Heart Cure
By Zoe Qian
Fix My Sleep
By Sveti Williams
Fix My Sleep
By Wael Ibrahim
Balls Inc
By Dean Aitken
Ditch the Ladder
By Samantha Chambers
Have you always wanted to write a killer book but didn’t know where to start? 
Does thinking about editing, publishing and marketing your book seem like an impossible task?
Do you want to know how to fast-track the book writing process and have it all done for you? Then this retreat is more than ideal for you as our Ultimate 48 Hour Professional Team do it all for you in a fraction of the time and price.
Why Write A Book?
Writing a book is the most surefire way to:
  •  Skyrocket your authority and credibility in your niche so you can exponentially expand your business in the new economy.
  •  Let everyone hear voice and message that you were born to share with the world...
  • Have a bulletproof basis for your 6-7 figure business.
  •  Attract your dream clients.
  •  Have people pay for your invaluable advice.
  • Help others around the world. 
When you have written a book on a particular topic, others unquestionably believe that you are the go-to person on that topic. I mean, look at all the most successful thought leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs of our time- Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Danielle Laporte, Tim Ferriss and more. They all have a book- their way of spreading their message. Plus an unbeatable social media presence, which will be taught at the retreat.
I did this too. I went from 0- to a 7 figure business. My books were the solid foundation of my company and my business card on steroids.
No, you don’t have to be the world’s best writer to write a book. You are already an expert in something, I bet someone has told you that you’re an expert in what you do or you thought it to yourself before! The revolutionary Ultimate 48 Hour Retreat takes care of the writing and publishing for you so you don’t need a writing degree or deal with the publishing industry, at all.
Writing a book is one of the most popular things to have on a bucket list. But many people just don’t do it.
That’s why we’ve created the retreat. We make it tremendously easy and simple for you to have your own book in your hands within months so you can start creating magic with it. 
Why The Ultimate 
48 Hour Author Retreat?
The retreat has helped over 200 clients get their book done in one weekend and become published authors using the proven Ultimate 48 Hour Author System. 
Our vision has always been to help people, help others. We support individuals, like you, achieve their personal and business goals through writing a book, showcasing their expertise and becoming a recognized leader in their field. Our retreat does exactly that with a 100% Success Rate using our revolutionary done-for-you system.
The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat is THE only luxury book writing retreat that guarantees with absolute certainty you’ll have your book printed and bound in a matter of months- we get it all done for you so you can do what you do best. All it takes, is one (unforgettable) weekend of your time! 
The Retreat works because of total immersion. In a luxurious and peaceful space when you can think clearly. Where you can unlock and unleash that potential within you so you can get the content of your book done with unlimited support and guidance from professional authors.
It will be your breakthrough weekend where you get everything done, no distractions, no limits. Do it for real this time.
Leading the retreat will be, me, Natasa Denman, best-selling author, author of 8 books, international speaker and owner of a self-made 7 figure business. I’ll provide you with extensive coaching and mentoring throughout the weekend up until your book release.
How Does It Work?
Recording the audio version of your book is your only task. Leave the rest to our professional team. Plain & Simple.
The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat is a simple done for you short-cut package and a life-altering experience, you’ll never forget. Typing away at a computer and working it all out yourself is a thing of the past. Welcome to the future of book writing. 
At the retreat, you will record the audio version of your book. Then our professional team will transcribe it, edit it to your satisfaction, create the cover and publish it- all done for you.
The 6 Simple Summary Steps to Becoming A 48 Hour Author:
  • Prior to the weekend, you have a 2-hour one-to-one coaching call to unpack your book ideas and chapters. After the call you will receive a mock-cover of your book. 
  • Then you embark on the luxury retreat where you record the audio version of your book- that is your only task and to have fun of course! 
  • After the retreat, our professional, highly-skilled team transcribe your book which you review after. Then our team edit grammar and structure.
  • We then create the internal layout and external book for you and send it over so you can review the finalized book.
  • When you are doing the happy dance with your new book, we do all the publishing and approvals for you.
  • You get 500 copies of your very own book sent to your doorstep within months after the retreat. Your book will be listed for print on demand in 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and universities. Online and in-store.
About The Ultimate 48 Hour Author- Natasa Denman
The brilliant brains behind the book revolution is Natasa Denman, best-selling author, international speaker and owner of Ultimate 48 Hour Author. She has been nominated as a finalist in the Ausmumpreneur Awards for Product Innovation and has been nominated twice for Telstra Businesswoman Women’s Award. She’s had thousands attend her workshops globally and has already helped over 200 people publish their books at her signature retreats she’s been running for 7 years. 
Natasa has dedicated the last 7 years of her life to helping others find their voice, write their book, and expand their business.  
“My expertise comes from doing the do, I did not invent something from nothing. Once I've done it, trialled it to be successful, then I teach it to others. I have worked with mentors since the early months of starting in business and continue to stretch and grow every single day. I believe in investing in systems that will show you the shortcuts and get you to your goals faster than working it all out yourself.” - Natasa Denman, The Ultimate 48 Hour Author.

Your Next Easy Step:
I’m looking for more of my dream clients so I can personally help them create their book from start to finish and help them build their business.
So your next easy step is to fill in your number, email and phone number on the next page and we will contact you shortly. On the call, one of our team members will discuss the retreat with you and answer any questions you may have. 
*You will not be asked to pay anything until you’ve spoken to a team member and decided that this is the experience for you. 
  • You will have 500 published copies of your book at your door printed and bound within months plus 39,000 places where your book will be printed on demand.
  •  An all-inclusive 5-star luxury retreat of a lifetime.
  •  Coaching and Mentoring with a best-selling author and esteemed self-made millionaire along with a highly skilled team.
  •  Network with extraordinary, like-minded people.
  •  And Much Much More as mentioned above!
With your book and leveraged business, you will make that investment back in no time. We’ve seen it happen time after time. Book companies, editors and publishers charge a fortune for much poorer quality without harboring your unique voice. 
We guarantee the best quality and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

The total investment covers everything till you get your printed book including accommodation and bonuses. No hidden fees. 

The Total Investment Is $20,000 

 Since you came through one of our affiliate partners your Special Discounted Price is $16,000 ONLY.
Schedule A Consultation Call  Now
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